Idaho Falls sign with small waterfalls and three pine trees in the background.

5 Best Things to Do in Idaho Falls

Located along the beautiful, 600-foot-wide falls on the Snake River, Idaho Falls ranks amongst the fast-rising towns. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do in Idaho Falls. With the serene environment, soothing waterfalls, and increasing numbers of up-and-coming towns, it is easy to see why families and young professionals are increasingly flocking to the region.

If you are planning to visit Idaho Falls with family or friends, or you are already in the region but don’t know what to do, consider the following fun things to do in Idaho Falls:

1. Visit the Aquarium

Are you a water-life lover? Idaho Falls has that in plenty. Visiting places such as the East Idaho Aquarium can expand your awareness of aquatic and non-aquatic ecosystems. Sample from the different types of fish and learn about their feeding habits from the experts.

The knowledgeable zoologists around these areas are always up-to-date with the latest aquatic trends. You can feed the birds while at it, and more importantly, you can contribute to a worthy cause through your donations and tokens.

2. Trail the Idaho Falls Greenbelt

Walk, bike, and be happy outdoors by exploring the magnificent Idaho Falls Greenbelt. Throughout your trailing experience, enjoy the sights of iconic landmarks such as University Place and Freeman Park. You have picnic sites, restrooms, and playgrounds in the park to keep you and your family members happy.

Idaho Falls Greenbelt is purely for people who love nature. If you are one of them, you will enjoy crossing the pedestrian bridge at Sportsman Park, visit South Tourist Park, and enjoy the breeze from the trees.

3. Visit the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho

Opened in 2002, the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho attracts tourists from all over the world with its varying innovative exhibits that are education centered. With five galleries, a single art classroom, an interactive spot for children, and a gift shop, this museum is one of the best things to do in Idaho Falls. It’s perfect for family visits, socializing, and educational purposes.

4. Fancy Seeing Some Animals? Visit the Zoo

Even though the zoo at Idaho Falls is not one of the biggest or the most popular, it still serves its purpose. With over 330 animals, all belonging to over 120 species, you can take a break from your busy schedules to come and enjoy the sights and sounds here.

Some of the animals you can see at the zoo include penguins, sloth bears, zebras, snow leopards, and red-crowned cranes. If you have been curious to see if the singing dogs sing, the zoo at Idaho Falls allows you to find out.

5. Try Disc Golf at Freeman Park

Do you love disc golf? Is it something that you would love your children to explore? At Freeman Park, you can find a disc golf course that will keep both you and your family engaged for as long as you want. Don’t worry about golf discs- if you don’t have yours, you can always use Frisbees or purchase some discs on your way to the park.

Your children can learn disc golfing techniques from the experts around the park. The experts teach basic rules of play, course safety, how to compete, technique mastering, and proper etiquette.

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