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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Idaho Falls, ID

Nestled along the banks of Snake River in eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls is fast emerging as one of the most up-and-coming places to live in the Western United States, and indeed the whole country.
In recent years, a growing number of families and young professionals have chosen to move to Idaho Falls and East Idaho in search of a lifestyle that marries professional opportunity, proximity to nature, and excellent living standards in equal measure. 

If you are currently looking to set down roots somewhere where new-world sophistication and old-world sensibilities blend together in a seamless and charming way, moving to Idaho Falls may be the right move. What follows are just a few of the many fantastic reasons that you should move to Idaho Falls.


Great Place to Raise a Family 

With excellent schools, a minor league baseball team, and a whole host of educational leisure activities, such as museums, theaters, and zoos, Idaho Falls has everything to make it a great place to bring up kids.
The residents of the city are open and welcoming, and the city balances a small-town feel with just enough in terms of diversity and buzz to provide a nurturing place for children.

Low Cost of Living

Compared to other states, Idaho as a whole is 7.8 percent cheaper than the national average. We consistently hear of people moving in from outside who cannot believe how much further their money goes once they move to Idaho Falls. Part of the reason living in Idaho Falls is so cheap is due to Idaho’s low tax burden, which is 29.6 percent below the national average and one of the lowest in the country.

Close to Nature

For people who love spending their leisure time in the Great Outdoors, Idaho Falls is paradise. With some of the best hunting and fishing in the country, you are just a stone’s throw from real nature at all times. The Snake River is picturesque in the extreme, but one of the main attractions to living in Idaho Falls is the city’s proximity to some of the nation’s most famous national parks. Traveling north-west, Yellowstone is only just over two hours’ drive, while Grand Teton National Park is also a similar distance.

Idaho Falls Is Growing Quickly

According to statistics from the Census Bureau, Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the country. As the second-largest metropolitan area in the state, Idaho Falls is also growing rapidly. Attracted by the state’s unrivaled natural bounty and laid-back atmosphere, the new influx of people from all around is creating jobs and opportunities in Idaho Falls. In fact, according to some metrics, the city has a job market that is expanding more quickly than any other U.S. city.

Diverse Seasons

Idaho Falls is perched at a heady 4,705 feet above sea levels in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. The mountains can give the city a decidedly unpredictable climate. One minute, the sun can be shining, while the next, it can be hailing! This makes for an interesting contrast for people who are bored with the more static seasons found in other parts of the country.

Great Value on Real Estate

House prices in Idaho Falls are much lower than almost anywhere else in the country, with the median house price in Idaho Falls is $153,600. Low property prices make Idaho Falls an attractive place target if you are a first-time buyer or need to stick to a strict budget. 

While the downtown area is lively and bustling, this is not a dense city. As a result, the variety of affordable real estate properties in Idaho Falls is impressive. You can find condos, apartments in the city center, new-builds in trendy residential areas, and rural ranches!

Low Unemployment Rate

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Idaho Falls had one of the lowest unemployment rates of any city in the United States. The reason for this can be explained by the wealth of career opportunities created by the city’s booming healthcare, retail trade, manufacturing, and technical services industries. This makes the city an easy place to find a job if you are a newcomer.

Community Feel

With a population of around 63,000, Idaho Falls is a small city. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up in community spirit. The majority of the city’s residents own their own real estate, leading to greater investment in the community and social life than in larger cities when the percentage of people who rent is higher. Newcomers to the city can expect to have no trouble in integrating with the aid of a wealth of community-based activities to participate in and get to know the locals.

Ranked as One of the Best Places to Live in the USA

According to, Idaho Falls ranked 47th in the Top 100 best places to live in the USA in 2019. This accolade was awarded as a result of a nationwide study including 1,000 cities in which data was collected on economics, infrastructure, demographics, housing, amenities, social and civic capital, education, and health care.

Plenty of Things to Do

For a small city, Idaho Falls sure does have a lot going for it in terms of things to do, especially if you appreciate nature. Aside from the burgeoning café culture, the wide range of museums and parks, one of the most popular things to do is to take a walk along the Snake River Greenbelt. This gorgeous 5-mile stretch of green runs right the way through the city on both sides of the stunning Snake River. When the sun is shining, there is little better than to take a stroll along the riverbank to unwind.

Idaho Falls is quickly gaining repute as an attractive relocation option for young professionals and families alike. With plenty to do, a low cost of living, great real estate, and job opportunities, it is easy to see why so many people are being drawn to live in Idaho’s most up-and-coming city. With all of this and more, you would be unwise not to consider Idaho Falls!


Your Idaho Falls Real Estate Team

Anyone can help you find a property to purchase in Idaho Falls  or even assist you to sell your own home. But there is more to that, and that is where we come in. Having a reliable and dedicated team of expert real estate agents who go above and beyond to list your property for serious buyers, as well as offer you a wide range of home options for sale. RE/MAX Prestige in Idaho Falls is a premier East Idaho real estate team you can trust.

We place our clients’ interests first, and then work to meet their particular needs. We take pride in our ability to provide you with all the necessary information and guidance you need to sell or buy one or more properties in Idaho and the Snake River Valley successfully.

Eastern Idaho isn’t just a picturesque community, but a blend of amazing neighborhoods that provides one of the highly sought properties in the real estate market. When you think of owning or selling a property in East Idaho, you should have in mind that it’s often a swift deal as this region offers more than just good properties.



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