Idaho Falls Greenbelt
Waterfall at the Downtown Greenbelt, Idaho Falls.

Why should you buy a house in Idaho Falls?

The Answer Just Might Surprise You 

Idaho Falls is a secret gem nestled in the majestic eastern region of Idaho boasting natural beauty, an ever-growing art scene, a newfound love for foodies and economic growth opportunities among unique neighborhoods. You should absolutely be considering buying a home in Idaho Falls. 

There is no doubt imagery of Idaho is often mistaken for a life of seclusion and outdoor lifestyles, however, new trends are emerging, and Idaho Falls is blossoming into a community filled with friendly vibes and an abundance of amenities. 

If you are ready to relocate, here are a few reasons Idaho Falls should be on the top of your list:

Idaho Falls Neighborhoods 

Idaho Falls offers a beautiful backdrop with the Rocky Mountains and Snake River waiting for all to explore and revel in all of their beauty.
Homes for sale in Idaho Falls have median prices that are below the national average. Therefore, homebuyers can find a home that fits their needs and packs a punch providing the American Dream as a reality. 

A wide range of housing styles, price points, and vibes can be found throughout. Idaho Falls Realtors love to show buyers around the area to show off the impressive homes in this beautiful setting. Explore the well-laid out homes in the Comore Loma area where scenic views include mountainous foothills and prices are surprisingly affordable for the acreage and home size you can purchase. If you are looking for a more historic neighborhood, the Rose Nielsen neighborhood features homes built in the 1960s that create a charming appeal along its tree-lined streets. 

Idaho Falls offers a plethora of options when it comes to neighborhoods suiting the needs of young professionals, families and retirees alike. The best part is the affordability, all within reach of shopping centers, restaurants, art galleries, parks, trails, and community sponsored events. 

City Amenities

Amenities abound in Idaho Falls provide a great place not only to work but play and enjoy adventures with family and friends. Spend the day at one of the well-maintained local parks, head out for an adventurous hike in the majestic foothills or sit back and relax by the waterfall located downtown by the greenbelt, no matter your outdoor adventure style, this city has you covered. 

Family activities are easy to find in the area, including spending a day at the Idaho Falls Zoo, feeding your curiosity at one of the museums or connect with your creative side at the ARTitorium on Broadway. In addition to beautiful places for families to spend time together, community events throughout the year are family friendly, from the holiday parade to summer festivals, all are welcome. 

Idaho Falls is experiencing significant growth in its metropolitan vibes, including an emerging food scene to delight anyone’s senses. We know Idaho is well known for potatoes, but it really is so much more now. Locals are privy to many options from an old-fashioned plate of burgers and fries to an elegantly plated dish of steak and seafood. From cozy family style diners to posh supper clubs, there is an atmosphere that will fit the mood Monday through Sunday. Unique dining options are popping up as entrepreneurs and restauranteurs are finding so much benefit to opening up in Idaho Falls. 

Let’s not forget those who like to shop until they drop. With a multitude of diverse options to choose from, residents enjoy the convenience of nearby shopping centers filled with all the latest and trendy stores along with unique locally-owned shops to explore. When on the hunt for that one of a kind gift, resale shops and boutiques await patrons to find that extraordinary wonder, while the local Farmer’s Market is ready to provide fresh foods and hand-crafted goods to all in attendance. 

Idaho Falls is that secret gem ready for your exploration. The stability of its economic growth, opportunities, and affordable housing market create a perfect place for any newcomer who wants to establish roots, feel welcome, and find a quality of life like no other. When you are ready to buy a house in Idaho Falls, be sure to reach out to the professionals at ReMax Prestige, where relationships are created during the home search process.